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Main Sewer Line Repair Services NYC

Your mainline is your main sewer line. It’s the line that goes from the home, industrial or commercial building into the city connection or your septic tank. All of your drains dump into a main sewer line or mainline. A mainline can back up, clog, brake and need repair. 

These sewer problem warning signs are often a good indication your sewer line may need replacing (or, at the least, need some maintenance or repair work): Drain backups or persistent slow drainage. Gurgling sounds in drains. Back ups. Overflows. Foul sewage smells.

If you are experiencing any of these signs, you need professional help to repair your main drain and sewer line.

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How does the main sewer line work?

The sewer mains flow into progressively larger pipes until they reach the wastewater treatment plant. In order to help gravity do its job, the wastewater treatment plant is usually located in a low-lying area, and sewer mains will often follow creekbeds and streambeds (which flow naturally downhill) to the plant. – How Stuff Works
It’s the line that goes from your house to the city connection or your septic tank. Before leaving your home, all of your drains dump into your mainline. When your mainline backs up, it is important to know where your cleanout is located.
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