Pipe Bursting Services NYC

Pipe bursting is a trenchless method of replacing buried pipelines without the need for a traditional construction trench. We offer sewer line bursting and pipe bursting services. During this process, our emergency plumbers will pull a same-size or larger pipe through the existing pipe, using a hydraulic or pneumatic expansion head.

Pipe bursting can be used to replace the existing pipe with similarly sized or larger pipe.

A burst sewer pipe in your home or small business is always a major inconvenience, but you can limit the impact on your wallet and stress levels by making a few smart choices about how you handle the situation. Fortunately, these days you do not need to tear up your entire yard to get at a broken sewer pipe thanks to advances in trenchless repair technology.

Sewer line bursting is when a licensed plumber pulls a same-size or larger pipe through the existing pipe, using a hydraulic or pneumatic expansion head.

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What is Pipe Bursting and How does it Work?

As the expansion head is pulled through the existing pipe, it pushes that pipe radially out- ward until it breaks apart, creating a space for the new pipe. The bursting device also pulls the new pipeline behind it, immediately filling the void created by the old, burst pipe with the new pipe.

Pipe bursting is a powerful, effective method to replace PVC, clay, cast iron and any other kind of pipe.

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