Underground Fire Piping Repair

Underground Fire Piping Services NYC

In case of fire, a secure and reliable supply of water for underground distribution and above ground sprinkler systems is crucial for emergency management. The complete system relies on a consistent supply of water with adequate pressure and the right flow rate.

Buried or underground piping is defined as piping that is below-grade and in direct contact with soil, whereas underground piping is below-grade, not accessible, and outside of buildings. These are used as underground fire piping for commercial buildings and homes.

Underground fire piping can serve fire sprinkler systems and/or private hydrants. These plumbing devices need frequent maintenance and repair. Some states require maintenance carried out by a certified plumbing professional.

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What are Underground Fire Piping Systems and How do they Work?

A fire main is a dedicated pipe linking the municipal water supply to your building with the sole purpose of putting out fires. This line feeds water to fire hydrants and sprinklers.

The underground arrangement of pipe, valve and fittings is an essential part of fire suppression system performance.

It can be an integration of both above and underground pipes, installed into a building with the purpose of helping fire departments maintain control or suppress fires.
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