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A water heating system works by bringing cold water in through the dip tube and heating it using heating elements inside of the tank or line. There are various types of water heating systems: electrical, gas solar, conventional, tankless, and on-demand.

We offer water heater repair, installation and maintenance services for al types of water heating systems, home and commercial.

There are 5 Different Types of Water Heating Systems
  • Conventional Water Heater.
  • Tankless Water Heater.
  • Heat Pump Water Heater.
  • Solar Water Heater.
  • Condensing Water Heater.

While a conventional water heater typically lasts 10 or 15 years, a tankless can be expected to function reliably for 20 years or more. That longevity comes at a cost, however; tankless heaters sell for about double the price of conventional models.

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How do Water Heaters work?

The water coming into your home makes a journey through a system of pipes, and it’s usually cold or cool, depending on the time of year. To have water warm enough to take a hot shower or bath, or use your dishwasher or washing machine, you need a water heater.

Water heaters are familiar fixtures in most homes. They typically look like big metal cylinders, tall drums that are often consigned to a laundry room or basement. Newer styles have some interesting features, like losing the tank completely in favor of water-on-demand. – How Stuff Works

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